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Digimon Digital Monsters Ultimate Adventure Board Game (French)

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Based on Fox Kids it TV Series 'Digimon' 

Choose to be your favorite Kid. Then, with a roll of the dice, find yourself transformed from an ordinary kid at camp to one of the Digidestined. Suddenly, you are matching wits for survival in the Digital World!

Your and your Digimon must battle the evil Kuwagamon, the Digimon infected with Black Gears and Devimon. Grow stronger with each battle won as you continue to amass the power of the seven Crests while strategically playng your Digi-Destiny cards in preparation for the Ultimate battle.

Then, when you're ready to take the chance, race to the centre of the Digital World for the final showdown. Pit your strength against one of the four Dark Masters in an attempt to free Kari from their evil grasp.

Lose, and you are Digitally Doomed. 
Win, and you are the Champion of the Digital World!