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Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Avast there ye scurvy dogs! Do ye seek adventure.. danger.. and treasures beyond your wildest dreams!? Then SIGN UP BELOW and stand ready to board the SS.Lemming, hauling anchor March 9th setting sail in search of the legendary loot of #TreasureIslandRetro brought to you by the great folks at @retrocollectiveeurope and Island Retro!

But beware!! Not all will find the treasure ye seek.. the perils ahead will surely mean many find this a one way trip to Davey Jones locker!

Game Rules:

Follow this foolhardy expedition as it unfolds each day in the diary entries! Day 1, March 9th, has already been written. These entries explain the adventures that lay ahead and what experiences you need to share each day!

No one will find the treasure alone, you'll need the support of ye crew mates to survive! IT'S VITAL to check other #TreasureIslandRetro entries each day and add your support with a "☠️" in their comments IF ye agree and like their ideas!

There's no need to support every lowly dog onboard but it'll be a short lived adventure if ye offer little help at all and yer can't support yourself. All support will be counted and shared with a new diary update every day at midnight GMT

From Day 3 the islands dangers will take their toll, the 3 crew members with lowest total support will fall behind and be eliminated! Each day onwards the lowest 3 crew mates will continue to be eliminated

 As the sun sets on Day 7 surely the treasure will be in sight and the TOP 3 SURVIVING CREW MATES WILL SPLIT AND SHARE the Island Retro booty!

So what do ye say matey, if ye crave adventure and yearn a share of that lost treasure then SIGN UP and we'll see what ye are made of!
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